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A revolution in the nail world! 2 in 1 product. Perfect for customers who want a natural look and for nail designers who want to save time. The gel base is developed in 2 consistencies: normal (semi-thick) and light with 10 different colors. Coverage: 80%.

How to use:

- apply a thin layer of light base - curing time 10 seconds,

- apply a layer of semi-thick base, creating all needed curves (apex) - curing time 60 sec,

- remove the sticky layer with cleaner,

- file the nail to the desired shape,

- apply a thin layer of light base again to fill in the product under the cuticule area - curing time 30 sec,

- finish with top coat.


Stone base is a great addition to a classic manicure, as a protection of fragile and thin nails. Base can extend natural nail (2-3 mm).

Ruby 179

PriceFrom kr150.00
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