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Magdalena Swiderska

She has been a nail designer for over 17 years, has been a student under several major international names in the US, Russia, Italy, Poland.


Magdalena has been an instructor since 2010, slowianka instructor since 2017.

She won 1 place in the NM and holds courses for nail technicians across the country.


"Slowianka Nail Trends is the best nail brand I have ever worked with. A nail designer who is passionate about the profession can grow more with Slowianka by using innovative, creative and high quality products."

Follow her on Instagram where you can see her work.


Natalia Larina

Owner of Slowianka Nail Trends and main instructor. Natalia has invented over 30 original nail techniques and produced her own brand.


She has been in the business since she was 15 years old and has won many international awards.


She has also been a judge in international competitions.





More information about Natalia can be found here.


Anna Monika

She is a certified nail designer since 2002 who loves her job.


It is important for her to be a professional: "My work has to be clean, aesthetic and the nails made properly. Quality first. "
I am a Certified Nail trainer for SLowianka Nail Trends since 2017.

Why Slowianka?


"Slowianka gives me more development opportunities as a trainer and nail artist. I love my work and love to teach others."


Welcome to Anna Monika's studio and the Academy of Straume Division Bergen.

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