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This privacy statement describes personal information that is collected or generated (processed) when you use the Slowianka Nail Trends NORGE Website. The Privacy Policy also describes how your personal information is used, shared and protected, the choices you have regarding your personal information, and how you can contact us.


What information do we collect and when?


We ask for specific personal information to provide you with the products or services you request. For example, when making purchases, contact our customer service, request communications, create an account, participate in our events or competitions, or use our Website.


This personal information includes:


- Contact information including name, email, phone number and delivery and billing address,
- Login and account information, including username, password and unique user ID,
- Personal details including gender, hometown, date of birth and purchase history,
- Payment or credit card information,
- Personal preferences including your wish list as well as marketing and cookie preferences.


When you interact with our website, your data is automatically collected from your device or browser. More information about this practice is included in the section on information bins in these privacy terms below. This data includes:


- Device ID, "call state", network access, storage information and battery information; and,
- Cookies, IP addresses, "referrer headers", data identifying your browser and version, and "web beacons" and tags.



WHY and HOW do we use (process) your personal information?


We process all personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Act. As a Data Processing Manager, we store and use this information to help us manage and manage the customer relationship, including information on products, services and other services provided by Slowianka Nail Trends NORGE and close partners.

Slowianka Nail Trends NORGE does not sell personal information to third parties, nor do we exchange or pass on this information to third parties. Outsiders can only access this information if they are to provide specific services for us. In such cases, strict agreements are entered into to protect information security. We will also always decide how the information will be processed. Slowianka Nail Trends NORGE is responsible for the processing of personal data as described above.


To convey information about our products, services, events and for other promotional purposes.


When you agree, we will send you marketing communications and news regarding Slowianka Nail Trends NORGE products, services, events and other offers. You can unsubscribe / administer your consent at any time after you consent to logging in and visiting my pages on the website.


If you are an existing Slowianka Nail Trends NORGE customer (for example, if you placed an order with us), we may use the contact information you provide to send you marketing communications about similar Slowianka Nail Trends NORGE products or services, where permitted by applicable law (unless you deselect this). In other cases, we ask for your consent to send you marketing information. We may use the information you provide to us as well as information from other Slowianka Nail Trends NORGE products or services - such as your use of our website and Applications to personalize communications about products and services that may be of interest to you.


To operate, improve and maintain our business, products and services.


We use personal information that you provide to us to conduct our business. For example, when making a purchase, we use this information for accounting, auditing and other internal functions. We may use personal information about how you use our products and services to improve your user experience and help us diagnose technical and service-related issues and manage our Websites and Applications.


We use cookies, like most other websites, to improve the user experience of our website.


A cookie , or "cookie," is a small text file stored in your browser's memory. These are used, for example, to take care of the user choices you make on the page, to store your shopping cart and to analyze how you use our pages so we can improve.


The Customer agrees that Slowianka Nail Trends NORGE may use any form of communication with you including letters, telephone, e-mail and SMS to inform or market our product offerings. Customer agrees that close partners of Slowianka Nail Trends NORGE may use letters and telephone to market their product offerings. The consent is voluntary and is valid until withdrawn. If you wish to withdraw the consent, in whole or in part, contact Customer Service.


Slowianka Nail Trends NORGE is subject to a duty of confidentiality regarding personal data. The disclosure of information to outsiders other than the above parties cannot take place without your consent, unless the disclosure is required by law or is part of the collection of payments, insurance claims and / or accounting. Registration of reservations is addressed to Customer Service. You have the right of access to the information registered about you, and may require that this be corrected, cf. Sections 18, 27 and 28 of the Personal Data Act.


Slowianka Nail Trends NORGE uses personal profiles. You have the right to access the information that forms the basis of the profile and where the information is taken from cf. section 21 of the Personal Data Act.


For more information about the processing of personal data contact Customer Service who will help you.

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