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I cordially invite you to a basic course with acrylic method and quick salon design.
The course is dedicated to those who want to become a nail stylist. We start from scratch, discussing all the topics needed to get started. It is an individual course, so it is you who chooses exactly what you want to learn. I focus on what can be improved in your work, what new things should be learned and what mistakes should be corrected. I only focus on you, so this time will be very effective for you. The course lasts for 8 hours (with a short lunch break), which is a lot of time to learn news.

- hygiene - what is an autoclave and why it is needed in the salon
- preparation of the workstation - what to look for when buying a table, lighting, professional equipment such as an LED lamp or e-file.
I will also tell you what is unnecessary
- construction of the nail from scratch - work on a stencil, extension, casting of the most popular shapes (almond, ballerina, square)
- work with e-fill - proper preparation of cuticles
- proper work with color and how to paint "under cuticles"
- French (both painted and construction)
-very fast and efficient salon design, which is simple but will be liked even by the most demanding customers

After such a course, it is only to start the job in the new profession.
In addition, you get brushes and a mini starter pack. After the course, all students will receive a 10% discount on product purchases.
The course ends with an international diploma. The course is set up individually.

Acrygel Basic Course (individual)

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