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  • medium consistense

  • viscosity below the average, which allows you to speed up salon work, 

  • perfect thixotropy, thanks to which the base does not melt quickly on the cuticles, thanks to which you can nicely align it on the whole nail, 

  • free leveling of the product, thanks to which you can accurately distribute the product all over the nail, 

  • base pigmentation is between 40 and 60% 

  • bases contain a lot of glitter of different gradations, among others micro pollen shining in different colours (giving the impression of moving glitter particles in the middle), pollen with a slightly higher gradation, shining in the colour of a given base (gives the effect of constant shine), as well as forming huge depth metallic flakes of irregular thickness (gives the effect of multi-layered gloss), 

  • micro pollen creates the impression of very shiny, moving, deep particles strongly attracting attention, 

  • after hardening the base have a dispersion layer, if the whole surface is perfectly leveled and there is no need to matt it, or we do not want to create any pattern, you can immediately apply the top to the base surface, 

  • in order to cut the nail, it is necessary to remove the inhibition from it beforehand, 

  • bases have medium acidity, which gives them a high adhesion to the natural nail 

  • these are hard bases, very strongly stiffening the natural nail, at the same time thanks to the contained rubber beautifully cushion the nail if it bends, 

  • they also work well on hard nails, from which these bases do not splinter, 

  • base perfect for almost any type of nail 

  • curing time 60 sec.

463 Dark Base Green 10g

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