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The pastel mint color is currently an absolute hit among customers, both when it comes to gel polishes and bases for natural nails. It was created for clients who stubbornly and persistently demanded a building gel in a pastel mint, with a hint of pistachio.


- perfect leveling,
- medium-thick consistency,
- low viscosity (stickiness), allowing for instant brush work, quick artificial nail construction or strengthening the natural nail as a result, reduces work time,
-50-70% of the coverage level (depending on pre-prepared thickness), allowing to extend a uniform nail, properly cover the free edge of the nail, maintain semi-transparency in the area near the cuticles and beautifully emphasize the crescent guarantees natural-looking nails.


Curing time: 120 sec.

Milky Pastel Gel MINT 15g

kr 250,00Pris
Bare 2 igjen på lager
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