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   Cover acrygel in the shade of a darker peach, with a more saturated, slightly salmon hue. Soft Peach Cover suits every complexion - works especially well with darker skin. Coverage at the level of 70 - 80%; beautifully closes the natural nail plate's smile line and growth points.   It is perfect for uniform nail extension, Baby Boomer, salon French and construction.


  • flexible product with the consistency of soft plasticine;
  • spreads very nicely under the brush - is neither too hard nor too soft;
  • thick consistency and low viscosity prevent the product from rising and sticking to the brush;
  • very small granularity, experienced only during application - the surface of the nail is perfectly smooth after curing;
  • coverage up to 80%, with a layer thickness of 2 mm;
  • retains a medium structure while filing - quite easy to file;
  • does not rub off and does not change shape during exploitation, which is very common in the case of acrygels from other manufacturers;
  • has an inhibition layer that must be wiped before filing or matting;
  • the customer does not experience unpleasant burning sensations on the nails when curing in a lamp;
  • perfect for applying minimal layers to strengthen the natural nail; a 1 mm layer stiffens the nail well enough to guarantee it retains its structure;
  • curing time: 2 minutes in a 48-WATT LED lamp from Slowianka; 3 - 4 minutes in a UV lamp;
  • curing provides sufficient hardness and minimal cushioning, which is a feature of products for nail reinforcement and extension;
  • combines with other nail extension products (gel, acrylic) and hybrids. 


AcryGel Soft Peach Cover 60g

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