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A captivating shade of a dark sky; and intense blue, broken with black. A response to the market demand for a unique shade for floral decorations. It also works wonderfully with marbling, especially in combination with bases of turquoise gel polishes, creating a natural imitation of a turquoise stone.


  • alcohol based;

  • watery consistency - be careful not to tip the bottle over and spill the product;

  • the pigment is extremely strong - very difficult to wash off surfaces;

  • great savings: thanks to Thinnerink 199 from Slowianka Nail Trends, which dissolves ink, the pigment left after alcohol evaporation is still easy to work with;

  • inks come in dark colors; for decorations on white, light and pastel nails;

  • ink work is possible in two ways: directly from the bottle or, in case of advanced decorations, with dry pigment;

  • in order to obtain precise, thin lines, pour the ink into a separate container. Wait until alcohol evaporates, and only pigment remains on walls. Take a brush soaked with Thinnerink 199 from Slowianka Nail Trends, scoop up the product from the walls and make a decoration;

  • remember to close the bottle tightly each time so that the alcohol does not evaporate;

431 Navy Ink 8g

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