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    A peculiar, light beige in a champagne shade, with lots of glitter. The glitteriest base in the entire Glitter Base Cover collection from Slowianka Nail Trends, with 60% pigmentation. Contains very small, silver and beige particles that flicker stunningly in both flash and day light. The base is ideal for natural, brittle nails, but also hard ones, making it a truly universal product. 


  • medium-thick, creamy consistency, allowing problem-free application of a thin layer, without fear of flooding the cuticles - the structure of the product facilitates superstructure of a deformed nail; 

  • medium viscosity (closer to low), thanks to which the product does not "bubble", and the brush is easy to apply and guide; 

  • the base smooths on the nails in just a few seconds; 

  • the product is 2/3 hard and 1/3 flexible, ensuring proper reinforcement of the nails; 

  • curing time of the product 60 to 90 seconds (depending on type of lamp); 

  • slight inhibition appears after curing - not oily though, so a stylist can apply a top coat without matting and filing nails (if not strictly necessary), or start decorating right away; 

  • product used for different types of nails (medium hard, soft).

412 Sparkling Champagne Base 8g

kr 180,00Pris
Pre-order. Tilgjengelig fra 25.06.
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