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    Fabulous and subtle, very bright and natural, milky-pink shade. Blends perfectly with the natural nail at the cuticle line. Contains foil flakes shimmering in different colors: aquamarine, gold, copper, purple, pink and lavender. Due to the fact that the base is less pigmented, the gloss is definitely stronger. The product strongly stiffens natural nails, it is perfect for medium-hard and soft, brittle nails that require strengthening. 


- creamy, medium-thick consistency, allowing to cover the entire nail - even with a thin layer; 
- good leveling, without the risk of flooding the cuticles; 
- a structure that allows for a slight build-up of the nail; 
- intermediate viscosity (closer to low than medium); the product does not "bubble" and is easy to work with; 
- curing in the lamp from 60 to 90 seconds (depending on the type of lamp and the degree of its wear), 
- very little inhibition after curing; does not require matting or filing before applying the top coat. Allows to paint decorations directly on it, without fear that it will dissolve the product from above; 
- very strong stiffening of natural nails (2/3 hard and 1/3 flexible); 
- a universal product, dedicated to brittle, medium-hard and soft nails, requiring reinforcement and superstructure. 

409 Shiny Marshmellow Base 8g

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