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An amazing, brilliant collection of unique liquid powders. A liquid dust that, when applied to nails, creates a wonderful chameleon effect with a clearly visible beautiful, vivid and very deep warm pink. It is accompanied by all the colors of the rainbow.


Liquid dust with a very high concentration - guarantee of product efficiency, - watery consistency.


- prepare nails using a selected method tailored to the client's needs, choose any color you want to apply the powder to.

- apply a given color, cure according to the instructions and gloss with a top coat no wipe

- cure it in uv/led lamp for approx. 10-15 seconds (depending on lamp's power)

- apply the dust on a hot top, shake the bottle first, as the dust may fall slightly

- gently spread the dust on the nail (on the top surface) in the same way as a hybrid color

- wait around 2-3 seconds until the liquid evaporates

- rub the dust into the top with a glove to create a mirror effect, or you can also use a silicone puppet

- apply Top Long Lasting from Slowianka Nail Trends with a slightly higher viscosity, which more protects the fronts against abrasion

- put it in the lamp and cure for 2 minutes

2 Rose Mirror 8g

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