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  • made of soft, extremely flexible silicone;

  • semi-transparent, slightly matte, resulting in a very clearly visible smile line;

  • a handy tab on the tip makes it easy to apply the Duo Form from Slowianka Nail Trends forms and remove them efficiently;

  • forms are marked with a number, corresponding to the size of a given smile shape;

  • the package contains 4 blisters of forms that correspond to four different types of smile; each blister contains 12 sizes of forms, from largest to extremely small;

  • compatible with all types of Duo Forms from Slowianka Nail Trends;

  • each silicone form from Slowianka Nail Trends is protected with a foil that must be removed before Duo Form application;

  • one-millimeter thick silicone is perfect for salon shapes and lengths; 

  • in case of long nails with innovative shapes (construction, fantasy, decor or aquarium type French), the stylist has the option to glue two forms together, allowing for a wider French; 

  • silicone is slightly sticky, allowing for the forms to seamlessly connect to each other; this property also allows to easily stick the silicone to the Duo Form from Slowianka Nail Trends - the fold does not pop off and holds firmly;

  • reusable product, can be easily cleaned using cleaner; after evaporation of the preparation, glue the forms back to the same foil or stick them to the metal case from Słowianka Nail Trends (the case provides protection against dust and ensures cleanliness of the stored products). 

Silicone French Dual Forms

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