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Beautiful, flesh-pink color; suits all skin types - especially darker, tanned skin. Contains subtle, silver holographic particles, as well as tiny gold-copper ones that glimmer stunningly and shimmer in any light, tracing the movement of our hands. A great natural look.


  • hard gel, applicable for both short and very long nails;

  • creamy structure and low viscosity guarantee fast and efficient work, without sticking or dragging after the brush;

  • coverage level from 70 to 80%, depending on the thickness of the layer created on the nails;

  • curing: in 48-WATT LED lamp from Slowianka Nail Trends, for 2 minutes;

  • in the case of very sensitive customers, we recommend curing in the power reduction mode for the first 10 seconds;

Natural Holo Cover Gel 30g

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