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Make your salon work even more comfortable with the innovative and exclusive 2-in-1 LED lamp from Slowianka Nail Trends. The innovative product combines a 54 Watt LED lamp for traditional curing of polymer products such as gels, acrylics, hybrids and a special 5 Watt LED light hose for freezing Duo Form. It is ideal for curing Slowianka Nail Trends products and is also compatible with other polymers, as long as the wavelength corresponds to the brand's product specifications. It has a number of additional features in response to suggestions from our customers:


  • Mobile, rechargeable with built-in battery. Operating time approximately 10 h, charging 2.5 to 3 h. Permanent mains connection possible. The battery makes the lamp quite heavy and therefore very stable.

  • The lower mirror reflector ensures very good curing of the product from all sides. It is attached by magnets so that it is easy to detach and the lamp can be used for pedicure.

  • Square shape so that the hand can be inserted deep into the lamp. Minimalist design. Two lamps placed side by side fill the space nicely and stylishly (for two-handed work).

  • High curing level due to the positioning of the LEDs at the right distances. In addition, when entering the lamp, they are positioned close to the outer edge and reflector, which eliminates the risk of large fingers inadequately curing.

  • Adjustable lamp power to reduce the unpleasant burning sensation.

LED Lamp 2in1 54W

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