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2 in 1 product with perfect thixotropy, which makes it very easy to perform nail extension services and strengthen natural nails. It levels beautifully, although very slowly, leaving an exceptional smoothness on the nails, which does not require sawing. The beautiful pinkish beige color corresponding in color to our 309 Blush base and Smoky cover gel will work wonderfully for construction French, painted French and natural look decorations.




  • creamy consistency,  

  • low viscosity for light work, the brush does not open and the product does not air up, which greatly speeds up the stylist's work,  

  • excellent thixotropy the product has a high surface tension, it levels very slowly, so it does not flood the cuticles and gives time to build all the nails,  

  • the surface smooths out perfectly, there is no need for additional sawing,  

  • slight inhibition requires wiping after curing,  

  • reduced burning during curing in the lamp; for problematic bearings, we recommend reducing lamp power,  

  • hard product, perfectly holds the tunnel, does not expand even in the thinnest layer,  

  • thanks to the added rubber bonds is ideal for strengthening and stiffening natural nails,   

  • very good adhesion to natural nails requires additional base for better cohesion with the plate,  

  • minimum thickness to cure is 0.5 millimeter per layer, maximum 1.5 mm,  

  • time to clip between 20 and 40 seconds, depending on the thickness you create on the nail,  

  • curing in LED lamp 3 minutes, in UV lamp 4 minutes. 

DARK BODY COVER - ideal tixotropic 50g

Only 5 left in stock
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