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    A unique, stunning base in a darker, pink shade with a whole lot of round particles, glittering in white and forming an original, cloud effect on the nails. It also contains multi-colored glitter, that shimmers in different colors in the light - most prominently with shades of gold, copper and delicate pink. This combination of effects makes Pink Cloud from Slowianka Nail Trends the most unique of all the bases in the collection. 


  • medium-thick, creamy consistency, allowing problem-free application of a thin layer, without fear of flooding the cuticles - the structure of the product facilitates superstructure of a deformed nail; 

  • medium viscosity (closer to low), thanks to which the product does not "bubble", and the brush is easy to apply and guide; 

  • the base smooths on the nails in just a few seconds; 

  • the product is 2/3 hard and 1/3 flexible, ensuring proper reinforcement of the nails; 

  • curing time of the product 60 to 90 seconds (depending on type of lamp); 

  • slight inhibition appears after curing - not oily though, so a stylist can apply a top coat without matting and filing nails (if not strictly necessary), or start decorating right away; 

  • product used for different types of nails (medium hard, soft).

413 Pink Cloud Base 8g

Only 2 left in stock
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